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  • How do I know my order is ready?
    You will first receive a confirmation email right after you order. Please contact if you do not receive this email. Receiving the confirmation email does NOT mean your order is ready. Please wait for another email saying that your order is ready for pick up. This email should be sent anywhere from 1~14 days after your order date. When you receive this email, please read the pick up instructions, and come pick up your order.
  • Can I make merch for my club?
    Yes! If you have a club or group at dtech and would like to make merch, please fill out this form.
  • How does Pick Up work?
    After you receive the email for pickup, your merch will be ready at the front desk. Feel free to come anytime during school hours. Please have your order number ready. If you did not pay online, please bring your payment (cash/check) with you.
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